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Welcome to the official website of Calcutta Mathematical Society. The Society upholds the noble objectives and purpose to serve the mathematical community of India and abroad.

Since its foundation in 1908, Calcutta Mathematical Society has done excellent work stimulating and encouraging mathematical study and research in India, especially among the youth who were drawn to mathematics teaching and research in Colleges and Universities. The name and fame of the society has spread across the frontiers of this country and has always been a familiar name in the global scenario.

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Forthcoming News & Events


The Calcutta Mathematical Society(CMS) will conduct a Teachers' Enrichment Workshop in Mathematics for College and University Teachers during June 15-29, 2017 at Asutosh Bhavan, CMS Building, AE-374, Salt Lake (Sector-I), Kolkata-64 in collaboration with the (India) Mathematics Consortium(TMC), Pune and Department of Mathematics, Raigung University,W.B. The primary objective of this programme is to enrich the faculties on different topics of Mathematics, which include : 1) ODE & PDE 2) Fourier Analysis 3)Real Analysis 4) Metric Spaces 5) Tensor Analysis 6) Multivariate Calculus & Linear Algebra 8) Group Theory 9) Dynamical Systems 10) Numerical Analysis 11) Classical Mechanics. Eminent Professor from Different Universities/Institutes from different parts of India will act as the Resource Persons. Teachers who are interested in attending this Workshop should fill up the form and submit it to the CMS office not later than 31st May, 2017 . The Candidates are required to register their names by paying Rs. 1000/- ( Rupees one thousand only ) in cash or by D.D. by 10th June, 2017. Those who completed the workshop will be awarded a participation certificate by the Society. N.B. D.D. should be drawn in favour of "Calcutta Mathematical Society". Dr. Sanjay Sen Secretary

Brochure of Teachers' Enrichment Workshop in Mathematics
Registration Form of Teachers' Enrichment Workshop in Mathematics


International Conference on Geometry and Mathematical Models in Complex Phenomena (ICGMMCP-2017) during December 5th -7th, 2017.There will be special session dedicated to Acharyya Satyendra Nath Bose, on the auspicious event of his 125th birth anniversary.Details will be available in the 2nd Circular.For further information please send email at : cmsconf@gmail.com.

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