Forthcoming Events

2014-12-19 International Conference ICCDMMS-2014

International Conference on Current Developments in Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences (ICCDMMS-2014) to be held during 19-21 December, 2014 at the premises of the Calcutta Mathematical Society.

Brochure of ICCDMMS-2014
Registration and Accommodation Form

Final Programme Schedule of ICCDMMS-2014
Notice for Best Oral Presentation Award and Best Poster Presentation Award

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Academic Events

Memorial Lectures

The Society organizes Memorial Lectures every year and eminent scientists are invited to deliver these lectures. Some of the lectures in this series are as follows.
  • Professor N. R. Sen Memorial Lecture - Held every year on May 23.
  • Professor C. E. Cullis Memorial Lecture - Held every year.
  • Professor S. N. Bose Memorial Lecture - Held every year.
  • Golden Jubilee Commemoration Lecture - Held every year.

Special Lectures

The Society organizes special lectures of Scientists, both Indian and Foreign, when they come to Kolkata and agree to deliver such lectures on request. Several eminent scientists and researchers including Prof. L. J. Mordell, Prof. Nobert Weiner, Prof. K. Chandrasekharan, Shri A. K. Mustafy, Prof. L. Debnath and academician S. Sobolov have delivered lectures under this Special Lectures series.

Seminars and Symposia

The Society organizes seminars and symposia by itself and collaborates with other institutions for arranging similar events. The seminars and symposia organized by the Society may be classified into three heads - Pedagogic, Technical and Popular.

The Pedagogic symposia focus towards the teaching and training of mathematical sciences whereas the Technical symposia focus on the theoretical aspects of current mathematics research. These symposia are held on a regular basis by the Society. On the occasion of the Foundation Day Anniversary, the Society holds the People's Seminar (Popular Seminar) every year. People of all ranks and profession participate in these seminars and the topics of this seminar relate to some modern problems of popular importance.

Management Events

General Meeting

General Meetings of the members are held almost every month. Of all other items of business in the General Meeting, the most important item is reporting of the papers in the meeting. All the papers which are accepted for publication in the Bulletin are placed in the General Meeting for reading by the authors. Discussions on the papers are made by the members present at the meeting. The members also suggest new points for improvement of the papers. Then only the papers are sent to the press for publication.